Inspired by Nature, HELA NZ is a concept store for you and
your Whanau.
We invite you to encounter the HELA experience, which
comprises of clothing, fashion accessories and textile made
ups at our online concept store. The spirit of HELA is an
inimitable mix and match, modelled after the personal
expressions of Daya and Nimesha, founders/owners, curators
and designers. With a unique approach towards fashion,
combining nature’s beauty, and creativity, speckled with
modern yet original concepts, in the utmost quality we have
three labels, Hela, Ovya and Appliques and Smiles.

The Founders’ journey.


Always inspired by nature, from the time I learnt to recognize
choices of colours and textures, I started dressing up and
decorating my surroundings accordingly. The feel of being
completely happy came from owning a product, regardless of
whether it was bought or crafted at home, mainly it being
something connected with nature or made of natural
materials, unique earthy colours, or with motifs or shapes
presenting some of the flora and foliage in the gardens. These
became the most important criteria for me, that many a
times I added on a creation of nature to anything that I
bought, making it something that reflected me. The colours
from the skies at different sunlight intensities attracted me
always taking me to a world of palettes beyond.

As I traveled through the Fashion & Textile Industry, I strived
to hold on to these elements. My love for all creations of
nature brings me the utmost joy and I wish to share the
colours, motifs and the language of nature through my


I am grateful for the world we live in and my childhood was
spent in the countryside, growing up amidst paddy fields and
hills. I have always painted paint nature, love things
connected to earth, sky, water, and feel a connection to the
Earth’s elements. I have always observed the form of leaves
in the wind, as a child spoke to trees and ants. I am keen on
Eco fashion, bringing in nature’s bounty to my customers. My
experience and exposure to natural dyes and craftsmanship
with natural resources inspire me to create.
Coincidently both Daya and I have had frogs as pets in
childhood and we both love all the life that this Universe
brings to us. We both enjoy a lot of time in outdoor activities
and never fail to capture the most unnoticeable world of
nature with our cameras.

Today HELA NZ presents these same aspirations from within
these designers’, through Clothing, Textile Made up Articles
and Fashion accessories. Taking them to the world outside
their souls has been a journey of simple true happiness.