The creations celebrate artisans & hand craftsmanship,  Earthy colours, mineral and plant dyes, vibrant prints , hand painted surfaces, clubbing in a variety of unique textures & 3D motifs that bring your nature alive. HELA NZ has 3 labels, Ovya, Hela and Appliques & Smiles (Coming soon), bringing in collections every season in all the categories.


With an  International flair to its products, apart from being stylish, intricately designed, celebrates the wonders of nature, be it clothing or textile articles, creatively interweaving them to your daily wardrobe, home and your surroundings. A skillful way of bringing the creator’s creations close to you. It caters to Women, Men and Young adults.


Celebrates earth day every day.

Nature defines the colour palette and there is no place of heavy metals or toxins. Colours extracted from wood barks, roots, leave and flowers make the sustainable dyes that are used to create the fabrics and their surface patterns.  100% of fabrics selected are composed of natural fibres. Handcrafted dyeing and surface design techniques are a large part of this label. Contemporary styles to everyday smart wear and weekend wear comprise the ranges for Women, Men and Young Adults.


Appliques & Smiles brings products for Babies, Toddlers, preschoolers and young children with attractive, comfortable, highly functional clothing and textile accessories.  It specializes in all pure cotton clothing.